Design and System architecture

  • D1.1 User requirements and use cases
  • D1.2 High-fidelity design mockups
  • D1.3 System architecture
  • D1.4 Data Management Plan
  • D1.5 Dissemination and Publicity Report

Principal infrastructure for archiving and managing intangible cultural heritage

  • D2.1 Model of representation knowledge, objects and narratives
  • D2.2 Cloud computing infrastructure
  • D2.3 Collaborative storytelling tools  
  • D2.4 Dissemination and Publicity Report

Infrastructure for the organization, collection and presentation of the intangible cultural heritage

  • D3.1 DMP update and PDMP syntax
  • D3.2.1 Oral History and Ethnography Workshop
  • D3.2.2 Technical workshop for interviewing and recording documents
  • D3.3 Online Platform for Organizing User Communities
  • D3.4 Real-time intangible cultural heritage recording tools
  • D3.5 Applications for the presentation of the intangible cultural heritage through a web-based and smart mobile devices
  • D3.6 Collection of intangible cultural heritage of Rhodes
  • D3.7 Dissemination and Publicity Report

Integration, Evaluation, Financial and Commercial Exploitation

  • D4.1.1 Evaluation results
  • D4.1.2 Final product
  • D4.2.1 Market analysis
  • D4.2.2 Market research
  • D4.2.3 Cost/Profit analysis
  • D4.2.4 Business development plan
  • D4.3 Dissemination and Publicity Report